Recovering from any injury with a disability is double the work for both the injured and the care giver. As a side/stomach sleeper my most difficult struggle is sleeping. Prior to surgery I would just flop onto the bed onto my side and cuddle up into a ball. Unfortunately with the surgery I must sleep... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Boobies!!!

After a constant battle with size DDD breasts I finally came to terms with how much strain it was putting on my back.  Due to my Muscular Dystrophy I walk with my back arched much more than the average person and carrying a large set of knockers on the front didn't make that easy.  Thanks... Continue Reading →

The Gym – YAY OR NAY?

I'm always extremely motivated to go to the gym but, once I get there i'm ready to go home. Going to the gym was a battle of brain vs. body, about a year ago my family got a gym membership. Like all things new we went religiously. We spent an hour there which to many... Continue Reading →

beach’n it

"Lets go to the beach" they said, "It'll be fun" they said. For those with a physical disability... it's not that fun. Unfortunately beaches can't really be fully wheelchair accessible. Sure they have sand wheelchairs and a board walk down the beach but you can't lay out on the board walk and you can't go... Continue Reading →

The first of many.

After much thought and contemplation, I finally decided to put my headaches into words. I won't bore you with much of my story but I will give you enough information to understand my perspectives. I was diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 14. I thought being a teenager with a disability... Continue Reading →

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