Overcoming Interabled Obstacles

I've had this idea brewing for a while, where I wanted to express common arguments, conflicts or obstacles interabled couples may experience. Interabled is a new term I have learned after reading the novel "In Sickness and in Health: Love, Disability, and a Quest to Understand the Perils and Pleasures of Interabled Romance" written by Ben... Continue Reading →


"It's the most beautiful time of the year" could be debatable to most. There is no denying how beautiful the trees look covered in light snow and the sparkling blankets of snow on our front lawns but all from the comfort of seat warmers or couches with blankets. I can't speak on behalf of all... Continue Reading →

BEST OF 2017

Hard to believe another year has gone by and faster then ever. I wanted to write a more personal blog reflecting all of the good in 2017 because I want to carry that positivity and love into 2018. 1. Rylee's Baptism For anyone who doesn't know Rylee. Rylee is the worlds cutest/most perfect one year... Continue Reading →

5 ” Small” Things

This year I've decided to really dissect the little things in life and give them a bigger value. Often times we only care about the big wins and accomplishments that we become discouraged or disappointed when they don't go as planned. By giving the little things in life more value I'm giving myself more confidence... Continue Reading →


Most use traveling as an escape outlet. Leave all responsibilities, stresses and worries behind and take a week or longer to explore another country, another way of living and learn another culture, responsibilities etc. Unfortunately, people with disabilities either physical or mental don't get to leave their hardest struggle behind, if anything traveling sometimes enhances... Continue Reading →

“You used to do it”

"You used to be able to do it." This quote is a real tear jerker. When said by many it's often not realized how much it can emotionally effect someone.I recently turned 21 and living through 2 decades you pawn on the past and how the disability has progressed! This disability is progressive!! It is... Continue Reading →

Am I Lazy?

Is it being lazy if your not doing it because it's a lot of work? Is it being lazy if you know someone else doesn't mind doing it considering it'll take a fraction of the time and effort? Is it being lazy if you just CAN'T do it?I know what your thinking, the word cant... Continue Reading →

Falling with Grace

A round of applause for the loud, unexpected, graceful falls that make crowded, noisy rooms go silent. I recently went to my families trailer park and tripped when exiting from the busy pool area. Silence everywhere and confusion in people's faces trying to understand why I wasn't moving. My loved ones gathered around to help... Continue Reading →

A Letter To…

Dear Parents,Without you, I am nothing. I remember your in denial. As any parent would be,  wanting to think nothing is wrong with their child. Telling me to walk flat footed and telling me I was a klutz every time I fell, but also listening when I said it was beyond my control.After appointment on... Continue Reading →

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