About Me

Everyday, I learn a little bit more about who I am and who it is I want to become. For now I’ll share what I’ve learned the past  7,665.

Born and raised in small town by a Portuguese family I quickly became a big girl living in a little girl body. I was and forever will be spoiled with love and happiness by the many people around me I’m fortunate enough to call family.

At a young age I would walk on my tip toes much like a ballerina. It was all fun and games until one day, the heels of my feet could never touch the ground. At age 10 I began to fall frequently and have difficulty doing average activities such as stair climbing, running and getting up from the floor or seated position.

After many doctors visits and a couple specialist appointments I had a procedure scheduled September of 2010 to have both Achilles’ tendons lengthened as well as a muscle biopsy done to the left shoulder. In 2012 I received my diagnosis of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy type 2A. Much like many of you, I had no idea what Muscular Dystrophy was.  Now after many years I realize it’s a disability commonly confused with Multiple Sclerosis due to it not being commonly heard of.

Growing up I’ve always been very independent and an administrator as both of my parents were immigrants and didn’t speak the English language very well. Being fluent in both Portuguese and English I was handed a lot of responsibility at a young age. I’ve always been mature but being diagnosed with my disability I also added optimistic to my character traits.

I’ve had many dreams I’ve had to retire or readdress due to my diagnosis and I continue to do so every single day.

Like many other young adult women I loved watching vloggers and reading lifestyle beauty blogs but realized how differently it would be if any of them had a physical disability. Unfortunately I’m not much of YouTube star and I’m not good at talking on camera but I did want to express my thoughts about how each humans life is so different yet so beautiful all because of a journey they didn’t have planned.

So welcome to my blog!

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