“It’s the most beautiful time of the year” could be debatable to most. There is no denying how beautiful the trees look covered in light snow and the sparkling blankets of snow on our front lawns but all from the comfort of seat warmers or couches with blankets.

I can’t speak on behalf of all people with Muscular Dystrophy but I can sure say most that live in Snow regions would definitely rather live without it. Why you ask? Well for all the same reasons the average person hates it however, we struggle with all of those reasons a little more..


Underwear, a bra, pants, a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, socks, scarves, gloves, hats and now were a ball of restricted clothing. I absolutely hate having multiple layers of clothing. I feel limited in range of motion because of added weight from additional clothing. Socks are my worst night mare. I am always freezing cold and that could be solved with the use of socks however, have you ever noticed that socks are slippery? Slippery socks make it very difficult for functioning. I wore socks the other day for the first time in a very long time and well lets just say I had to take them off to get up from the kitchen table, and up the stairs then I put them back on again once i was on the carpet. I then had to take them off again to do the stairs again. So on top of having extreme difficulty putting on the socks in the first place I now put them on 3 times in one day. Solution: Socks with grip Problem: they still fail and we don’t want to risk injury from a slip and fall.

Scarves are super cute and I absolutely love how much a scarf can add to an outfit but sometimes it makes it a little difficult to look over your chest to see uneven grounds of snow which we don’t want to risk compromising.

Also finding a good pair or boots that have good grip, fashionable and easy to put on is probably the hardest mission you could possibly go on. Fortunately about 4 years ago my grandma bought me these black zip up boots that were over $100.00 at the time and they have saved my life. The past 3 winters I have not fallen once (outside). Mind you they aren’t the cutest looking boots but what is style when your trying to be safe ?


ICE, SLUSH, UNEVEN SURFACES are all reasons my butt has touched the freezing cold ground way too many times. Nothing worse then slipping on snow, but wait there is!!! Sitting in the freezing cold, wet snow waiting for help from someone to get up. An average person could take a walk through an uneven surface of snow at a very fast pace allowing them to stay fairly warm, unfortunately I am not an average person when it comes to that type of situation. What could be a 3 minute walk to some people is easily a 15 minute walk of 3 near slips, a freezing cold face and a huge anxiety attack. But getting to that finish line has never felt so rewarding.


A really relatable comparison to all would be coming in from outside and having your fingers be so cold that you can’t text because there so numb from the outside temperature. Now imagine this in your legs. I wear a coat but never could I function with snow pants or even a second layer of pants, so unfortunately my legs always get extremely cold. Once I come in from outside my legs almost feel numb and restrict my range of motion. You would almost feel stiff and restricted and until your body temperature regulates your function is on sleep mode.


Probably the most frustrating reason for hating winter (snow) would be cleaning off your car. On top of just wanting to get to your vehicle free of falling you now have to walk around it and wipe heavy snow falls off each of your windows or you have to scrape frost/ice off of the windows which is ten times harder when your standing on slippery grounds and not being able to reach the windshield properly. Lucky for me I have car start which was an essential. Starting my car from the comfort of a heated environment and hopefully getting to it with the frost disappearing and a warm butt is the best feeling. BUT if you didn’t have car start i highly doubt I would ever ever go out and start my vehicle just to have it warmed up for me, which would result in me sitting in a very cold vehicle waiting for it to heat up and for me to feel my limbs again. Which brings me to my next topic.


Most people get sick in the winter its inevitable, but being sick is the absolute worst!!!! That feeling of weakness through the entire body and mind you I’m weak enough to begin with but when I get sick getting up from any seated position could be the hardest work out I’ve ever done. Fortunately I have a great immune system which allows me to never be sick for very long however for others with different types of Muscular Dystrophy who’s organs are effected makes it ten times more difficult to recuperate and get back to feeling their selves again. Although if there’s any season to be sick the winter would be the best one. Laying in bed, Netflix and soup doesn’t sound that bad at all!

Although winter/ snow isn’t a favourite it does hold a lot of great occasions. Christmas- getting together with family and friends celebrating each others company and depending on religion the birth of Christ.

New Years- ringing in a new year and new goals. Reflecting on all that you’ve accomplished and all that you plan to accomplish! Making it another year with good health, love and hopefully all your friends and family by your side.

In every early dark evening, heavy snow fall, multiple shoveling jobs and red tipped nose be grateful for the little things the family you come home to, the people you shovel with or for, the clothes you wear keeping you warm.

Appreciate the breaths you see in the cold air!

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