BEST OF 2017

Hard to believe another year has gone by and faster then ever. I wanted to write a more personal blog reflecting all of the good in 2017 because I want to carry that positivity and love into 2018.

1. Rylee’s Baptism

For anyone who doesn’t know Rylee. Rylee is the worlds cutest/most perfect one year old girl. (maybe i’m just biased because shes my God daughter) My aunt has always been one of my best friends and I feel so incredibly blessed that she and her boyfriend chose me to be their daughters god mother. My family is catholic and we celebrate the sacrament of baptism. The role of the God Mother promises to see that the child is raised through religion and acts as an advisor or mentor to the child . The moment of actually having done it was very significant to me. Mike and I have come to the conclusion of not having children due to my disability (BLOG POST COMING SOON). Being granted this role for Rylee has given me the opportunity to love a child like my own but without having the child fully dependent of me.

Mike, Rylee & I.
The Gorgeous Rylee.

2. Starting this blog!!!!

Starting this blog was the first step to fully accepting myself. I have always had difficulty expressing how Muscular Dystrophy has effected my life. I never shared with “random” people because I didn’t want pitty and I was embarrassed of who I was and how I did things so differently but I also couldn’t share with my family or close friends because I didn’t want them to think I was complaining or feel any guilt. But starting this blog wasn’t about the pitty, or wanting people to think my life is “so hard”. Starting this blog was a step towards awareness and advocating. It was hopefully giving people a different perspective allowing you guys to be more aware of the differences around you. It was accepting myself and embracing that I was different from the people around me but introducing me to a community that suffered the same things I did and conquered them every single day!

3. Niagara Falls

One of my first friend road trips. I was beyond nervous taking on this little adventure due to Clifton Hill being well… a hill. The way down was a breeze and I got to see the beautiful falls however, the way up it was the true definition of the climb. Considering we went the beginning of summer Niagara Falls was obviously quite busy making it very difficult to walk up the hill as some people are ignorant and made me move out of their way even though for the most part I walked up the hill side ways. I’m pretty sure Mike had a bruise on his arm for a week from where I was tensely holding him during our walk back up. There was something about making it back up to the top and back to our hotel. It was a mini win. Even though my disability was evolving and I have declined I was still able to do the work without complaining and being grateful for the fact that I did it. I conquered even if it was with help.

Niagara Falls
Clifton Hill
Brody, Sabrina, Mike & I.

4. Breast Reduction

Having my breast sized reduced was a huge part of my 2017. If you didn’t know I had surgery click here to read how and why! Also follow the recovery by reading here! Not only did the reduction benefit my health but also cosmetically. I was able to wear button up flannel shirts, and bathing suits without feeling like I was revealing too much. I removed 4 lbs of breast, I’m not sure which size I have reduced to as I have yet to purchase an actual bra. I have honestly been using a bandeau or sports bra religiously since the reduction to help with the shoulder restriction. Scaring is still visible however, fading slightly as time goes by.

5. Bedroom Reno

Since Mike & I live together and now share a bedroom we decided to make MY room – OUR room! This was exciting as I have never gotten to “decorate” a space. We gave my old bedroom furniture set and mattress to my brother who moved into the basement and bought a new white distressed furniture set upgrading to size queen for “our” bedroom. We got a flat screen 40 inch T.V. and placed it on a moving wall bracket. We added some new room decor, throw pillows, duvet cover etc. Slowly the room is coming together. I didn’t take a picture because I want to do a blog post as a room tour once its complete. Keep an eye out for that!! But I really want to start decorating my brothers old bedroom which is now our “office”.  I feel like once I get it some what cute looking it would motivate me to put more effort into my blog. “Renovating” our bedroom was a testament to our relationship, communicating what we wanted and compromising on our differences.

6. Got a Fish

This seems silly but for majority of this summer I kept bugging Mike about getting a fish. We already had Gio, but he’s our family dog and not necessarily just mine and mikes. So I really wanted our own little pet child and another dog wouldn’t be possible for the obvious reason of Gio being the most jealous pup known to man. Mike wasn’t at all interested in getting a single fish. He wanted multiple in a fancy tank but I felt that wasn’t personal enough and wouldn’t be serving the purpose of why I wanted one. I eventually gave up asking and we never spoke of it again. On my birthday this year I got home from work to my room decorated in balloons, streamer, flowers & MY FISH!! It was such a simple act but meant so much. We named him Finley but we call him Finn!

Cutest Fish – Finley

7. Boating, Quading & Snow Mobiling

There’s something to be said about growing up a city girl. Maybe it wasn’t so much growing up in the city but growing up sheltered because of my disability. Not that my parents meant to keep me from things that I would enjoy but were too difficult for me but also because it was too difficult for them. Once I started dating Mike (being the crazy man he is) he was all about the outdoors and not wanting me to miss out any opportunity just because It was difficult. My aunts boyfriend has a boat and snowmobile and Mike’s best friend Brody has a boat and a four wheeler. So in 2017 I went boating, went on a quad all by myself and road on the back of a snow mobile. Sounds lame but it was liberating. Doing something I never thought I would be able to do.

Boating by Grand Bend Beach
Snow Mobiling


I wont drag this one on for too long considering it was a blog post on its own. If you haven’t already done so read it here! but it was a huge part of my 2017. It was exploring another culture, country and becoming more aware of the world around me all with great company. Traveling with my family is such blessing. Although my grandma hosts a dinner every sunday afternoon it was still meaningful to have a week away from work, responsibility and focus on ourselves and the people around us. I actually had dinner with my family every single night that week. Between shift work, and different routines it’s very rare that my household has a sit down meal together. Not only was I able to explore and learn about another country but also listen and spend time with the people I live with daily and love unconditionally.

9. Rylee’s First Birthday

I know I already mentioned Rylee in this post but her very first birthday!! The first of many birthday cakes and candles, presents and love! My aunt is probably the most EXTRA person you will ever meet. She loves putting 100% into everything she does. She goes big or goes home! She always plans all the best games for family functions, hot chocolate bars etc. so you can imagine for her daughters first birthday party that she wouldn’t go all out. It was the perfect birthday for the perfect birthday girl! The exciting part about Rylee’s first birthday was reflecting on the progress of the year. All the amazing things shes learned, the life in her eyes and the love in her heart.


Like most families/friends/couples i’ve gone through arguments but I’ve made it out of them the way I was supposed to. Those who have left my life chose to do so, those who chose to be civil will receive that same respect and those who chose to continue to stand by my side through thick and thin will receive that same loyalty. I don’t display hate nor give that feeling validation. No one deserves to be hated not even the worst person in the world. Hate is the foundation for all negative acts in the world. Those who are loved give love. We act in the only way we were taught and for that I choose to share love and positivity. At the end of 2017 I look back and don’t regret the person I was, I tried my best. Could I have done better? Of course, and this year I will!

I’m ready to take on 2018 and all the opportunities it has to offer! I’ll accept the bad, appreciate the good and love continuously!

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  1. Savannah you are truly an inspiration to me! I’m in awe of you and how much you have accomplished. You’re such an amazing woman and I’m so proud to known you! Keep smiling!


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