5 ” Small” Things

This year I’ve decided to really dissect the little things in life and give them a bigger value. Often times we only care about the big wins and accomplishments that we become discouraged or disappointed when they don’t go as planned. By giving the little things in life more value I’m giving myself more confidence and hope to work towards the bigger finer achievements.

This post is 5 “small” things that I’ve accomplished thus far that I hope can shed light on others to accomplish or value the simpler things.

1. Shoveling

If you didn’t already know how much I dislike winter than you definitely need to read #SNOWMAGGEDON. Luckily I live in a house with 3 males so my Mom and I don’t shovel. But this week my family is on afternoons and Mike hurt his shoulder on Tuesday so I decided to give shoveling a whirl. I didn’t complete our drive way because if anyone knows where I live then you know my drive way can fit 8 vehicles and I would have been out there for hours but I did shovel about 2 cars lengths before giving up from hypothermia. At first this was my mini win but then I realized that I went out on icy grounds and I didn’t fall and realized that was my mini and big win. It felt good to be able to do something for the people I love but also for myself. It gave me more confidence in what I can or can’t do. Which in my opinion is 3 wins in one.

2. Water Intake

I absolutely love water and in any form, I enjoy drinking water I just don’t ever drink it. So a little goal I set for myself was to increase my water intake and a great way to keep track of doing that is with the app Lifesum. Lifesum is a free app you can get on your phone that helps you track meals, nutrients, fluids and exercise. You can set it for weight loss or just for nutrition documenting. I find it a lot easier to drink more water if I can actually see how little or much I’ve been drinking. Another reason for not drinking as much water is because what comes in must come out and we all know what that means. Using the bathroom can become difficult in specific bathrooms so if I know ill be going somewhere that the bathrooms aren’t accessible I have to control my intake prior to that. But I’ve really stopped using that excuse and just focused on drinking the water and dealing with the outcome when it comes. I’ve been doing fairly well at drinking at least 4 cups of water a day and I know to some people that isn’t a lot but its a start which I hope to continue to increase.

3. Keeping Tidy

I’ve always been pretty good at making my bed but some mornings Gio likes to come and cuddle and by some I mean every single morning or really at any time of the day you can catch that pup in my bed. If Mike and I are both home we make it together and it feels good to do the littlest thing together but team work makes the dream work. I put every single throw pillow on my bed and make sure there isn’t any clothes (mostly mikes) laying around. I’ve really tried to keep our bedroom neat and tidy and I feel like this gives me so much motivation. If our room is good than life is good is the mentality i’ve been trying to set in. Since i’ve gotten my new throw pillows and bedding for christmas it’s been so much easier to keep my room clean and tidy because I hate seeing my bed super cute but then the rest of the room a mess so this mini win will definitely help me to hopefully keep other aspects of my life just as organized and in check!

4. Exercise

Just like everyone else i’m a huge netflix junky. I’ve binged more shows than I can count and in an unhealthy amount of time. But because my job requires mostly sitting I’ve tried a new thing where instead of sitting in bed or at my kitchen island watching netflix I watch it while taking a light stroll on the treadmill. This has been great in more ways than one. It’s helped me get even the slightest bit more active and loosens my hips. It’s such an easy way to move around for a bit and honestly 30 minutes is one episode of riverdale! Each week I’ve been increasing my speed and I think once I get to my maximum speed i’ll work my way back down and then just keep fluctuating so I can continue to challenge myself without straining my muscles or over doing it.

5. Blogging

Last year when I started my blog I shared a lot of personal content that I wanted to share and got amazing feed back from but I quickly became discouraged because I didn’t necessarily think that many people were reading or really cared for that matter. But after weeks went by and no posts were being made I kept being asked when I was going to be posting again and I realized that even if only 4 people are reading that’s still 4 people I can be reaching with my perspective/view on life. So this year I’ve really made it a priority to stick to Friday blog posts! I’ve started using a journal to help me collect my thoughts and come up with different topics and specific content I want to provide in my blog. I want to continue to be vulnerable and use the internet for much more than what its become used for. Unfortunately social media has become an outlet for making rude comments and being envious or nit picking about other peoples lives and that shouldn’t be what its used for. But we have to start with the content we post, if were satisfied with what we are sharing and saying to others on the internet and we aren’t hurting others or bringing them down then we are contributing good and positivity to society.  At the end of the week I want to provide that happiness and positivity to everyone before their weekend and hopefully make the slightest difference in how someone see’s the people or world around them.

Originally I was going to make this post 12 “Small” Things but I decided to stop at five and make you guys come up with your own 5 “small” things. I would love to hear them if you are comfortable sharing so either comment on my blog post, on my facebook post OR private message me on any of my social media accounts and I promise I’ll read them!

I truly believe that reflecting on the finer things in life will bring us so much more joy and happiness and also confidence to work towards our larger goals. Hopefully all these  “small” things will become a step towards your “BEST OF 2018!”

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