A Letter To…

Dear Parents,

Without you, I am nothing.

I remember your in denial. As any parent would be,  wanting to think nothing is wrong with their child. Telling me to walk flat footed and telling me I was a klutz every time I fell, but also listening when I said it was beyond my control.

After appointment on appointment, trial and error and the blame game. I could never describe the look on their faces amongst finding out that my disability was genetic. The look of anger and sadness of how they possibly could have given me this life long struggle that would effect my every day life.

But what you often forget is all the other things you have given me. Two loving arms around me, a beautiful accessible home, food on the table and luxuries I often took for granted. Most importantly sacrifice and unconditional love. 

I can't speak for all but I can speak for mine and I'm sure many others. There is no way to prepare for being a parent. As parents you want to provide everything you possibly can for your babies. you want to protect them from all the evil and all the bad that this world has to offer but you want to give and provide all the good and great elements life has amongst it.

Through every choice I have made in life I have been supported. From deciding to drive my car into a pole and having my boyfriend move in, whom, you had no idea existed up until 2 weeks before him flying from another province. 

You may not always see it but I am grateful, That I was given the opportunity to go to school for a field that may not have been my first choice but something I am passionate about something I am good at. I am respectful and kind and accepting of all sorts. I am patient I am loving and I owe that all to the two of you. 

So yes, you may have given me the Muscular Dystrophy gene and yes, I am going to live the rest of my life with physical difficulties! But you gave me so much more than that. You give me the strength to get out of bed each and every day and be the best version of my self. To live this life I was given by the two of you whom I love more than anyone could possibly ever know and feel because you deserve to see me accept all that you've given me. The bad, the good and all the in between. But most importantly the love. The unconditional love.

I can't promise I won't argue with you, that I won't make mistakes, and I won't listen when you tell me your opinion, but I do promise to make up after every fight, admit and apologize for my mistakes, and ask for your opinion always. I promise to be all the amazing characteristics you've raised me to be. As strong, hard working, determined and loving the both of you have demonstrated my entire life.

Here's to many more difficult obstacles that we will conquer together as we always have. May our love continue to grow because it is with love that you have given me the strength to live each beautiful day.

I love you 💕

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