Bye Bye Boobies!!!

After a constant battle with size DDD breasts I finally came to terms with how much strain it was putting on my back. 

Due to my Muscular Dystrophy I walk with my back arched much more than the average person and carrying a large set of knockers on the front didn’t make that easy. 

Thanks to my family physician for realizing this was a good step that would definitely benefit me physically, I was referred to a plastic surgeon. 

Once I was contacted by the plastic surgeons office I was called in for a consultation where I was assessed and paperwork was completed and sent to OHIP. Recently this week I received a call from the plastic surgeons office stating my procedure had been approved and that they had a cancellation if I was interested. The procedure was four days away giving me a little bit of time for prep with work and home care. The following day they contacted me again stating the plastic surgeon had a trauma coming in the day of my procedure if I was interested in coming the following day. MEANING THE NEXT DAY, LESS THAN 24 HOURS FROM THE PHONE CALL. Without a doubt I double checked with my employer and agreed to doing it the next day! 

This morning I woke up with mild nervousness but excitement. I set out for 8 am with so much love and support from my immediate family. (Not because it was a secret to others but with everything happening so rapidly I didn’t have time to message everyone) We arrived to patient registration at Victoria Hospital London ON for 9 am. After a ten minute wait I was called by a pleasant nurse and allowed one “friend” as they liked to call it into the room. Being the biggest mommy’s girl I know of course my queen came with me. I was changed into my gown with all items removed jewelry, all clothing etc. I was then met by the anesthesiology team where I was asked a series of questions and told due to the Muscular Dystrophy they were going to be using a trigger free anesthetic due to the muscle relaxants in other anesthesia. I also notified them of a family allergy to succinylcholine also known as Suxamethonium chloride. Risks were explained and they expressed they would be taking extra precautions to monitor my progress with the anesthetic as well as inserting a breathing tube during the surgery just to make sure all went well. During that time my plastic surgeon came in and marked me all up. Vitals were taken and a high grade fever of 37.8 degrees celcius was determined due to over heat with a warm blanket. Temp was later checked after blanket was removed and temp was good at 36.5 degrees celcius. IV was started after mild difficulties due to not having a good vein (story of my life lol). A surgical nurse came and took me on my way. I was wheeled into the surgery room where I was greeted by a fabulous team of medical professionals and transferred onto the surgery table using a slider. Oxygen mask was given and anesthesia was administered. Before I knew it, I was off into the most relaxing sleep I had ever had. 2 1/2 hours later I woke up and was being monitored with heart monitors and vitals and temp being taken every 15 minutes. After one hour of being closely monitored anesthesia discharged me from that recovery area and I was transferred to the general waiting area where I would be reunited with my mom and later Mike and my Grandma! With mild discomfort I was in very good spirits and was very pleased with the change. After another hour in the general waiting room I was changed into my clothing and asked to go for a walk. 

During this walk my life instantly changed. The weight off my chest made a significantly large impact in walking, making it much lighter and my chest not as propped out as it normally was.  I was discharged around 5:00 pm and sent home with my post-op instructions as well as a follow up appointment for 3 weeks following the surgery. Pain medication was prescribed and recommended for the first 24 hours after surgery. 

Dressing will be removed tomorrow and medical sports bra will be used until healing. 

Below is a picture of me post operatively. Recovery blog coming soon!

For before picture please contact me privately as I am very open to showing the difference for anyone interested. Will not be posting publicly as it is a private area that some may not want to see. 

Wanting to thank Unique Design Floral & Gifts Strathroy for the beautiful flower and well wishes! 

 A huge thank you to my family and friends who have checked in and supported me with this procedure and life desicion. I am a very lucky woman to have so much love surrounding me!! ❤️❤️❤️

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Boobies!!!

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  1. Wow. That was short notice but probably best because you did not have time to think about it and change your mind. Not that it seems like you would. And to feel such an immediate difference is wonderful. You are so brave. Prayers for a nice easy recovery!


  2. U are a inspiration to all of us .a very strong young lady who cares for everyone who has so much loving caring for all Beautiful inside and out.doesnt go by a day that I wish you would be a healthy young lady if I could change I would . blaming my self for your disability doesn’t change but one thing I wish and I always ask God is to keep u the way u are u still able to move on ur own and for giving u who is my best friend who always on my side not as much u use to be now with Mike on the picture things have changed and I happy that you find someone who cares and shows how much he cares and loves you and I so happy blessed and thankful. I could write more and more….. love more then my own life 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


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