beach’n it

“Lets go to the beach” they said,

“It’ll be fun” they said.

For those with a physical disability… it’s not that fun. Unfortunately beaches can’t really be fully wheelchair accessible. Sure they have sand wheelchairs and a board walk down the beach but you can’t lay out on the board walk and you can’t go into the water without stepping on millions of rocks or sinking into wet sand.

The beach environment is every young adults favourite place to go. Where else can you hang around with your best friends, drink a couple cold ones, blast some tunes all with a view. But, has anyone ever realized how painfully hard it is to walk on the sand ? Your feet sinking with every step so your muscles are working 3x as hard as it would just walking on a flat surface. Nobody would ever think it takes that much more of an effort.

Today I sat in my lawn chair on the beach so that it would be easier for my care giver aka: Mike. LOL (Blog post about him coming soon)

The lawn chair was definitely a great idea. Normally when I lay on a beach towel I become much more restless because it’s so difficult to flip sides without the towel getting tangled and sand getting everywhere. Lawn chair √ Mirrored Sunglasses √ People Watching√√√.

I tried my best to be somewhat creative and think of games that we could play within my reach of the lawn chair. Hiding my sandal in the sand could only go on for so long. 2 rounds to be exact. I normally would have been begging to go into the lake and swim around. There’s something about being in water that frees me. Like all the things I cant do outside of water I can suddenly do so easily when submerged into a pool/lake or ocean. Unfortunately the waves were a little too crazy for my liking and I knew I wouldn’t make it out alive. I saw way too many people who didn’t have a physical disability be attacked by the water to know that I would definitely be a victim the second I touched the water.

So after sitting for what seemed like forever I needed the stretch and we decided to go walking around. Normally I LOVE being barefoot. At the beach however, I realised that walking on the sand with shoes is much easier and less exhausting. My foot wasn’t being buried with every step. I really did appreciate the flat surface once I got to it.

Much like the little things in everyday life. We often take for granted activities and abilities that we are so lucky to achieve with such little effort. It isn’t until those abilities are taken from us and they aren’t achievable without added struggle or assistance. BUT when it is achieved, The feeling of success could not be anymore well deserved.

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  1. So relatable thank you for writing this! I was also diagnosed at 14 and it’s so freeing in a way reading that I’m not alone so thank you and keep writing!

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  2. My daughter has lgmd. Thank you for putting into words what I know she feels as well. I look forward to reading more.


  3. I was diagnosed at age 13. Thank you for being brave enough to tell your all too familiar story! I’m glad I’ve found others like me! 😊


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